Sunday, February 17, 2008


Welcome to this, my initial foray into the world of blogging. The purpose of this blog is to share my collection with others in the collecting community. I began 'sharing' my collection a few years ago through my website, That site is woefully neglected though, and still displays coins sold in recent years and still incomplete in listing other coins in my collection. I intend to update that collection site, when time permits. Until then, I thought I'd share my collection here, in blog format, one coin at a time! (After all, what's another project?!) I think this will be a fun way to spend some time getting to know my coins. I hope to share a coin a week, it's attribution information, related history and anything else interesting about the coin or its acquisition. I hope others will find it as worthwhile as it will be for me!

My primary collecting interest is in ancient coins, especially those of Domitian and the 'other' Twelve Caesars. I also collect coins of the English monarchy and am attempting to acquire at least one coin from each monarch from William the Conqueror forward. To further blurry my collecting focus, I collect Thracian Chersonese hemidrachms, Morgan silver dollars, have an extensive 'wish list' of coins that I think represent a core set of ancient Greek coins, and am still pursuing a complete collection of Roman emperors and their family members. I imagine that many others struggle in trying to stay within their collecting focus... after all, this is a wonderful and fascinating hobby!

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