Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just the Right Amount of Earthen Highlights!

Aurelian, AE Antoninianus, 22mm (3.84 gm), Struck AD 270-275, Rome

Radiate and cuirassed bust right, IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG / Sol standing left, between two captives, right hand raised, left holding globe, ORIENS AVG; T in exergue. RIC V-I 61 (pg. 271); Gobl 118a3.

I remember well the day I bought this coin. I purchased it from my friend Ken Martins, the owner of Museum Surplus ( and fellow founding member of the Orange County Ancient Coin Club (OCCAC). He had two and and I bought them both at an OCACC meeting. The other now resides in the collection of a good friend! Knowing Ken, I'm sure he gave me a great deal on both!

What struck me most about this coin were the earthen highlights, which some call 'desert patina.' To me, this very common coin is so uncommon because of these highlights... however, the beautifully rendered portrait and centering also enhance the eye appeal of this coin!

Thanks to Tom Ross, the avid collector of coins of Aurelian, for the Gobl cite.

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