Sunday, June 15, 2008

My First Provincial

Tiberius. Celsa, Spain.

Æ 28mm (12.19 gm). Struck AD 14-37.

Baggius Fronto and Cn. Bucco, duoviri.

Laureate head right, TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS / Bull standing right, head facing, BAGG FRONT (NT ligate) above, C V I CEL to left, II VIR II to right, and CN BVCCO in exergue. RPC I 279.52 (this coin cited); SNG Copenhagen 542.

Ex CNG 73 (September 13, 2006), lot 687
Ex Alexandre de Barros Collection
Ex Classical Numismatic Auctions V (December 9, 1988), lot 350

Spanish mint provincials have always drawn my interest. There's just something about the style of portraiture that catches my eye. The portrait on this particular coin is admittedly more like a caricature of the type you'd have drawn at Disneyland... but I like it!

My early collecting interests centered mainly on imperial issues. This coin was my first real 'provincial' and set me on a course that would forever change my collecting focus. No longer was I bound to portrait denarii of the Twelve Caesars. I had opened a door to all issues of the Twelve Caesars. That door has further opened to include Judaean coins contemporary with those of the Twelve Caesars. There are many unopened doors for me in the world of ancient coins, ensuring a pursuit that'll keep my interest for a lifetime. I hope that any of my blog entries about the coins in my collection open a door for you as well!

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